M and D Outfitters Hog Hunting
Mikie's 220 lber with 2 inch
North Florida Gator Hunting
Girls hunting Gators in North Florida
Mikie with his 9' 7" gator
These are the ones that will
hurt ya!
Hog Hunting with M and D Outfitters
South Carolina deer hunting with M and D Outfitters
Hog Hunting in North Florida
Hog Hunting in South Florida
Check out this South
Florida Boar Mike Tussey
(Left) and friends took.
North Florida Deer Hunting with M and D Outfitters
Mike with his 8 point
Aftershock Doe
Flrida Gator Hunting with Mand D Outfitters
Mike with his Turkey
John Howard
Mike with a proud client Dennis
Odisho and his fresh hog kill.
North Florida Deer Hunting
Look at what a Trophy MiJan Ramsay
got on 3/6/11 pictured Here with her
son Keilin. The hog weighed in just at  
over 370 lbs. with 3inch cutters.
Chandler Flower and his
300 pound Trophy
Chandler Flower, his dad,
and Grandfather with his
300 pound Trophy
Survival Camping
Rick Vinge with another
great meat hog.
Beautiful New River
Donnie Barker with another
great  hog.
Donnie, Sam, and Zinoviy had a
great day of hunting. Ending up
with 4 meat hogs and a nice
trophy. We had a blast with them.
Pictured here with Mike is Maren Haskel
getting started early. Maren hunted with
her father Brent to take another fine
meat hog. What a wonderful family to
hunt with. Thanks for being part of our
Darryl and Jarrods double
hog hunt
10 foot 2 inches :
from left Mike, Amie, and
Paul' 240 Pounder
Beth with her 8' 6" gator
Mikes 120 class buck
John and Mike with
Johns 6 point
Making Memories