Mike Smith
I am co owner with my wife Diana of M and D Outfitters, we
have been in the hunting and fishing industry for close to 20
years. I started hunting at a very young age and still can’t shake
the hunting bug. In the early nineties I had the bright idea of
becoming a hunting and fishing guide. In the off season, when
we are not taking care of tree stands, food plots and all of the
fun stuff that has to do with  hunting , we supplement our
income in the construction industry.  Being able to raise our
kids in this environment has been a real treat for them and us
both.  Always wanting to dabble in the video side of hunting was
always on our minds and we had our first filmed harvest in 05.
From there we have created a great Staff to help us with these
endeavors and are looking forward to seeing all of those big
smiles on our next DVD.
Matt Goldschmidt
Matt Goldschmidt - Hunting and being in the great outdoors is not
hobby, it is a way of life.  As an outdoor television Field
Producer/Camera Operator and Editor, the outdoor industry is in
every facet of my life. If I'm not out shooting it, I'm Cutting it. I
have an extreme passion for waterfowl hunting, yet whitetail,
turkey, upland bird and gator hunting all run a close second. As a
Mud Buddy dealer and a supplier of Custom Duck Skiffs, I enjoy
the opportunity to help other outdoor enthusiasts acquire tools
that will enhance their hunting experiences. Whitetail, turkey,
upland bird and gator hunting all run a close second.
Diana Smith