A weekend full of exciting hunting and outdoor adventure.

This package can be arranged without the hunting. Please call for
pricing and other activities.

Day 1

Your arrival will be at 10:00 A.M. Friday morning. We will then
organize our things in camp and have lunch while we discuss the
up coming  hunt. Friday evening back at camp we will clean and
quarter our animals with full instruction on the process. Later we
will have dinner and let the stories roll around the campfire.

Day 2

Saturday morning for those that didn’t harvest a hog we will head
back to the stands or do some spot and stalk till we get one. Later
we will pack up and start heading off to the river for the rest of our

Once at the river we will load our boats with our gear and head
out to our camp. Once at camp the work begins. Some of us will
be working on organizing camp, gathering fire wood, and other
essentials for camp while the rest will be fishing for our dinner.
All the while we will be going over and working on Survival Skills
that will help you in case of ever getting lost or being in a bad
situation in the wilderness.

These are proven survival skills that have helped many a lost
camper back to the safety of their homes. Shelters, Water, Food,
and Fire, are just a few of the needed skills we will be going over
throughout the weekend.
Later that evening we will have dinner over a camp fire and enjoy
the peaceful river as it flows by.

Day 3

Waking early with more fishing and checking our lines that we
had set the day before and going over our skills that we have
learned on our quest. We will have lunch over the campfire and
pack and clean camp not leaving any thing behind but our
footprints. Load our boats and prepare for our journey home. On
our trip to our pullout point you will be able to observe nature and
all its beauty while thinking of all the memories you have made on
your trip.

"Our packages are unique to the Outfitter industry."

Hunt, Fish, Camp, Survive package $500.00 per person
Packages are designed for 3 or 4 people if larger groups are
needed let us know. Other packages are available just give us a

Contact info:
Mike Smith 352-494-3776
Please give us a call for all details and any questions.

Package includes:

Survival Instructor and Guide
One meat hog
Cleaning and quartering instruction of your game
Cooking Utensils
Weapons for hunting can be arranged if needed, we must no in

What you need to bring:

Fishing License
Personal first aid kit
Personal medication. Let me know if you have any medical
Weapon of choice for hunting
Proper clothing for being in the woods (camo or non tear or rip
Rain gear (poncho)
Hiking boots
Fishing equipment
A good knife
Insect repellent
Water canteen
Back pack
100’ 550 paracord
A fire starter I prefer a firesteal (waterproof matches, lighter ect.)
Cotton balls
Signaling mirror
Flashlight (a good one)
Your own tent if you like, mine do not have floors in them.
You can also bring your own cooking gear, boat or other items
just let me know.